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About the Book

Pengwee’s Breath is a tender-hearted story of a young penguin who learns that his own breath gives him the power to calm his fears.  


As Pengwee prepares for a fun packed day at the Ice Festival, he is both excited and a little anxious. Thinking about big rides makes Pengwee feel like there are snowstorms in his tummy and clouds in his head. And the biggest ride of all is the Ice Monster, which Pengwee’s best friend Ruby wants Pengwee to ride with her. 


As Pengwee’s adventure leads him to overcome his fears, children learn that simple breathing techniques can change the way they experience the world. Basic concepts of mindfulness for kids and breathing techniques to calm children. Ages 3-7.



ISBN 978-1-7377479-0-1 Hardcover 

ISBN 978-1-7377479-1-8 Paperback

ISBN 978-1-7377479-2-5 Ebook 

more illustrations from Pengwee's Breath
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